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Amaryllis Charisma

Amaryllis bulbs  are among the easiest plants to grow we'll show you how. But first, you should know that an Amaryllis is really a Hippeastrum. Hippeastrums   are in the genus Ammaryllidacea (a family of flowering plants) which is the source of the confusion.   The true Amaryllis consists of a single species,   Amaryllis belladonna, also known as "naked ladies". However, there are more than   50 spe cies of Hippeastrum. We will use the popular name , Amaryllis, though you will also see them referred to elsewhere, more correctly, as Hippeastrum.

amaryllis hippeastrum

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You Can Grow Amaryllis Bulbs! 
Amaryllis(Hippeastrum) bulbs are among the most spectacular of all flowering bulbs you can grow! They can produce several stems of giant trumpet shaped flowers in one season. They are available in a wide variety of color including white, pink, salmon, red, and yellow-green.

This website will give you ALL the information that you need to grow beautiful Amaryllis plants. Whether you've just received a potted gift, or are trying to coax a dormant amaryllis into bloom, we'll show you what to do.  

amaryllis show

Our Amaryllis Scarlet Baby specimen!

Mature plants can get quite large but there are many smaller varieties that are compact and will fit on a windowsill. With just a little care, amaryllis bulbs will get bigger and produce more flowers every year. You can expect two or more stems, each with at least four large flowers per stem, if you grow your bulbs well!
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